There are several accommodation options in the close distance of the Shpatser Hotel, where the ceremony and banquet will take place. We tried to satisfy everyone in terms of price, location or standard. A close family has accommodation provided directly at the Shpatser Hotel, other guests  can choose their accommodation in one of the other options. By clicking on accommodation options below you can be re-directed to official website of the hotel. However, we recommend that you book through As a bonus, we also add a few tips for accommodation in the center of Lviv, if you would be interested in combining a wedding with exploring this beautiful city :-)
The fabulous rustic Hotel Shpatser is located on the outskirts of Lviv in Briukhovychi. The hotel is a 25-minute drive from Lviv International Airport (LWO). It is only 19 minutes from the main train station. For transport to the hotel, we recommend choosing a taxi or UBER. Parking next to the hotel is hassle-free. Within walking distance of the hotel there are groceries, an ATM and a pharmacy. The center of Lviv can be reached by taxi in 10 minutes. A taxi really won't cost you much. Taxi prices are around 5 €. The hotel will be the scene of the whole wedding and we have booked all the rooms for the closest family.

Hotel Valentyna is less than a 3-minute walk from Hotel Shpatser, where the wedding will take place. This economic option is ideal for those who are just attending a wedding and do not have the interest, time or desire to see Lviv. The interior of the hotel has recently undergone a complete renovation, which is dominated by wooden motifs. The hotel is extremely popular and boasts great reviews on Parking at the hotel is hassle-free and the prices are really reasonable. We recommend choosing one of the renovated Lux ​​rooms, the price of which is around 25 € / night for two people.
This hostel is an economical option right in the center of Lviv. In 2020, this accommodation was rated as the best in its category. The hostel is not large but contains several cozy en suite rooms. The hostel is indistinguishable from the hotel and the price-quality ratio is great. A night at a hotel right in the center of Lviv for two people costs around  € 20.
Exceptional middle-class accommodation right in the center of Lviv is provided by the historic Hotel George. The price per night with breakfast for two is around 40 €. You will feel like a royal for a little money. The hotel features high ceilings, ornaments and many antiques. The hotel is just a two-minute walk from the magnificent Opera House and city center.
For the demanding tourists, who want to indulge in true luxury in the center of Lviv, we have the historic Grand Hotel. The 19th-century hotel provides relaxation, a wonderful setting and a high standard of quality. The hotel has its own wellness and spa area, which you will definitely appreciate after a dancing night at a wedding. Ukrainian prices allow you to to feel awesome for around 120 €. From our point of view, this offer is definitely not among the economic ones, but the demands of our guests are different and we try to find a suitable option for everyone :-)