YES for the second time...

Experience our unforgettable wedding day with us

About us


The one who has been planning her wedding since she was a child


The one who is looking forward to seeing everyone again

Our love story

One border, two countries and a thousand kilometers separated us for an incredible 4 years. Here is our story ...

Getting to know each other

Our story begins like any summer love. Two young people, sun, water, party and in our case America. In the summer of 2014, we both went overseas to rescue drowning Americans.

Firs kiss

The first kiss took place at a barbecue party. To this day, we cannot agree on who took the first step.

Our american dream

The summer of 2014 was magical for us. It's hard to describe the amazing experiences we've had together in the US. We took a holiday together for the first time, right in NEW YORK!

First farewell

This moment was really strong. Our summer in America was coming to an end and we did not know what would happen next and how we would work ...

Skype above all

Thanks God we didn´t have to write letters but we worked via Skype. Sometimes our "skypping" was really fun. We have called to each other every evening until Martina took her first trip to visit Dima in Ukraine.

Ukraine baby

The first trip to Ukraine took a little over 24 hours, but it was worth it and we just confirmed that we can't live without each other. And so we regularly covered all day travel and hundreds of kilometers. We mostly met in Ukraine.

America vol. 2

Our plans for summer 2016 were spectacular. We wanted to return to US together this time. It was physilally and mentally demanding because we had no idea whether Dima would get a visa.

Far from each other

The approaching end of the summer 2016 was extremely frustrating, as we had no plan or vision n of what would happen to us next. Dima still had an unimaginably long two years of study at that moment. We have returned to a long-distance relationship...


In March 2018, Martina planned usual visit to Ukraine, but Dima made sure that it was unforgettable. He planned the engagement like from the movie by himself  and proposed in the front of his family, friends and restaurant full of people 


On July 27, 2018, we said YES for the first time at the registry office in Pezinok in a circle of a few loved ones and friends with a vision to organize a wedding as it should be 

Our first home

From October 2018, we officially ended the long-distance relationship and finally started living together. First with my mother, then in a rented appartment. Currently live in our first home, which we bought in Bratislava.